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I'm working on the next compilation - more heartfelt folk with acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and vocals (plus an electric guitar with harp & piano dispersed here and there). Getting the time to record has been difficult. One of the reasons is that I've been sidetracked by the development of a new type of musical instrument string (among other things).

It's been four years in the making, and it's finally done – We Need Love. This album would not have been possible without the help of Calen Bruce and Dave Mariasy (Audiomatrix), and Celia Grotz (Mastering House). I can't thank you all enough! Each song on the album features an acoustic guitar that was played and recorded with my own Silsesquioxane Surface Treated Titanium Acoustic Guitar StringsTM (U. S. Patent 7,476,791). A lot of “love” went into the development and manufacture of these strings – together with plenty of materials chemistry and engineering. The set used in these recordings was designed to provide a balance between longevity and sound quality while maintaining a mechanical response conducive to my own finger-style of playing (available at By the way, if you're wondering why I wrote these particular songs, the answer is simple – We Need Love.

Summer 2005: All songs on the CD's entitled Tony Parker, and A Song for Every Season are available for digital download at the websites of more than 25 music distributors (i.e., i-tunes, and many others). Some of the downloadable favorites include "My Little Girl," Pacific Ocean," and "Mary Ann."
Transformation, a Gospel-inspired CD (dedicated to the memory of my mentor and friend, Ignacio "Doc" Ocasio), was released in June 2005. This CD, like the others, is available for purchase at (this CD will also be available through other distribution outlets by the end of 2005).

February 2004:
All of the songs on my new release, "Tony Parker," are available for digital download on iTunes! Other digital distribution outlets for downloading songs will be available soon.

2004 promises to be another exciting year for strings, science, and music.  In response to the tremendous popularity of our medium tension nickel-wound strings (introduced in 2002), I'm working with Pete Rohrbacher to develop a new medium tension, phosphor bronze wound, titanium-core product which will be available sometime this year (at

On the scientific front, my presentation of "Keeping the Music Alive with Surface Chemistry," was well received in 2003 (at the EAS Symposium in Somerset, NJ, and at the Fourth International Symposium on Silanes and Other Coupling Agents in Orlando, FL).  In fact, I opened my EAS talk with a guitar solo!  I don't know if this was a first for a scientific meeting, but it certainly was a different approach.  An encore presentation is being planned for the 2004 American Chemical Society Meeting (to be held in Philadelphia, PA).

On the music side, I'm in the studio working on a new compilation - I'll keep you posted on this project as it progresses.  In the meantime, current CD sales at are going well, and select titles should be available for digital distribution sometime this year.  More strings, science, and music to come...   

May 2003:
It took a while, but it's finally here. Check out my newest CD entitled Tony Parker featuring my own titanium-core acoustic guitar strings. If you like folk/pop, you'll like my music; and if you're an acoustic guitar player, you'll love my medium tension strings - they're corrosion proof ( More to come!

Tony Parker and his Titanium String Guitar

January 2002:
Seven Over Four Now that "My Titanium Six" and "Seven Over Four" are released, I'm back to work on a new compilation, and yet another new titanium guitar string product, both of which should be available sometime in 2002. During the interim, I hope you enjoy "My Titanium Six" and "Seven Over Four".

October 2001:
I am working on new material for my next CD release, "Seven over Four." Expect the new release in December 2001.

August 2001:
Now that My Titanium Six is released, I'm back to work on the next set of songs. The next set will be recorded with yet another new guitar string product, which is under development, and should be available from Rohrbacher Technologies by January 2002. That means if all goes well, you can expect another CD by the end of next year! In the mean time, I hope you enjoy My Titanium Six.

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